First off, I'd like to ask: did you make this for Dying Ember?

Second: Is "Ken" a form of "kin" made to sound more flavorful? It seems and feels like it


Perception; understanding: complex issues well beyond our ken.

To have knowledge or an understanding.

Third: As I've seen with all your other stuff, you just added every ability you thought worked well with the class. Consider thinning. Consider it a lot.
This is after I added a few things because it needed it. I had it gone over by some of the best guys on the Psionics forums on Wizards. They thought it woefully underpowered until I added some.

However, I don't really see where you are coming from. There are some PrC's that have far more in them than this. Good grief, look at the Shadow Dancer from the DMG. At 2nd level for example it gets three abilities all at once and at 3rd level it gets another two new abilities.