I realy think you've over powered it as it is here. If this is for a PC in the "A dying Ember" campain, then I'd give it time and realy consider posting it in it's current form on the Wizards forum for some more reveiw. You'll have atleast two levels for the PC to attain before he can get a chance to take this PrC so take your time.. and now my 2cp on the class itself...

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However, I don't really see where you are coming from. There are some PrC's that have far more in them than this. Good grief, look at the Shadow Dancer from the DMG. At 2nd level for example it gets three abilities all at once and at 3rd level it gets another two new abilities.
True, the shadow dancer does get quite a few abilities, however the abilities of a shadow dancer are all very narrowly confined to A) shadows most of which are subject to even a level 0 light spell, B) movement and stealth C) often redundant as the char most likely already has the things like Evasion or Uncanny dodge.

The shadow dancer does not however give all those neat abilities AND almost full spell casting. Also the Shadow dancer can't be taken untill later, and requires two more feats and five more skill points to get.

I'd add "Must be able to manifest 'Precognition' and 'Control Air'" to the prereq, to reflect the tendency for Seer's to peice together disjointed information into a complete whole, and the kineticist's affinaty to Cold and elemental forces. This would effectively add an extra feat to the prereq's for one of the two above classes, or two feats for say a wilder that wanted to take the class.

I'd also bump the skills needed up to 13 ranks each. It's not hard for a psion to get 13 ranks in knowlage by tenth level, and this class definatly like it is more of a 11-20th level than a 6-15th level.

The Cold Ken getsimproved form of fog cloud that lasts a very long time, moves with him, and can't be blown away with "gust of wind" or simular, and thanks to his "frost felt" ability he can pinpoint creatures if they are in snow or ice.

Clear Headed (Ex):
Freezing temperatures seem to crystalize a Cold Ken's thought processes. When in areas below freezing a Cold Ken gains a +2 bonus to Intelligence. If exposed to unearthly temperatures (-50 or colder) this bonus raises to +3.
This strikes me as being VERY powerful. It's an UNNAMED bonus to an ability score; which lets it stack with any other bonus. Unnamed bonus' are very powerful becuase they stack with your enchantment bonus (the most common) and your Inherant bonus from items like Tome of understanding. The fact that it's an Extrodanary ability mean even in anti-magic areas it still functions, just so long as it's cold. The person doesn't even have to be exposed to the cold, even if they are protected by endure elements, so they take no damage, and face no problems with the cold, they still get the benefits. I'd drop this completely.

Chill Command (Ex):
If a cold ken makes a successful touch attack he can cause a matrix of ice crystals to grow within the body of the target. This deals 1d4 cold damage a round (successful Fortitude save DC 10 + Cold Ken's int modifier halves for a minimum of 1 point), but also interacts with the target's nervous system. For one minute per prestige level a Cold Ken may use the psionic suggestion power, able to make a new suggestion every minute. Every minute the target may make a new Will save to resist the suggestion (DC as above).
1d4 damage a round for a minimum of 3 min or 30 rounds, by the end of the duration it's done 30d4 damage, fort save half, and atleast three chances to use sugestion. With avg. rolls for damage you'll do 75 damage, fort save half. No limit on the number of uses a day.

By tenth level its doing 100d4 over ten minites. Avg damage 250 fort save half. Even makeing all the saves one can expect to take atleast 125 damage from it.

True, it won't even break through a low level protection from energy (cold), and the damage come up slowly, but if you catch someone vunerable you could do hit and run tactics to depressing effectiveness.

Blizzard Meld (Ps):
At 8th level a Cold Ken forms mental connections even with ice crystals in the air, be they snow or merely the frozen moisture in the wind. While in falling snows, sleet, or other freezing moisture or in areas below freezing a Cold Ken gains the blindsight ability out to 40 feet, including within his own Arctic Mind haze.

Second, if in the same conditions, a Cold Ken may manifest any power he knows with the range of touch on any subject within 40 feet without a chance of missing. Saves still apply as normal
No. Just no. At the very least get rid of the secondary effect. That is better than the "Arcane Reach" ability or the "Archmage" This seems like a polite way of saying, "hey, anytime it's snowing, I can see perfectly, I can hit you from forty feet away with my touch spells and there is nothing you can do to avoid the hit no matter how good your Dex is, You can't hide, becuase i have blindsight and tremorsense; and even when i'm out side of my element, I can call up a fog that lasts for an hour and a half three times a day that works the same way."

In my opinion, there needs to be some consistancy within the class as far as where his abilities lie. If his powers come from understanding the snow crystals infanite depth of pattern, then perhaps give him mostly
clairsentience powers, and requrire "precognition" as a prereq. Give fewer Psychokinesis and telepathy powers and instead give him "Remote veiwing" once a day by looking into a natural snow ball or ice crystal. Then give precognition, greater usable once per day while within a snowy envirement. Move the Hyper cognition ability either to tenth level or move the fractal dementia there.

Anyway, I have a character I'm suposed to be working on for this play by post game I'm trying to join... the danm DM keeps distracting me though...