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I woldn't mind going there and have a look, but first we have to resupply the ship as, depending on what we find, resupply on the island might be difficult. To bad we don't have a sorcerer with that food spell. And I want to know why the satrap has problems outfitting an expedition, as that might point to issues we have to take into account.
Yeah. I steered away from sorcery because I was expecting people to make a Twilight or a No Moon, but instead we got another Full Moon and others didn't make a sheet within the timeframe @Lentrax asked for them.

Might be interesting to go for it once I get some XP, since I've kinda got an Occult subtheme.

I do have a way of getting food, provided there are Sharks within a few miles and we have some good harpoons, since I have the Thaumaturgical Procedure to summon them towards us. Using one of my hearthstones I can also summon a Brine Cur, and dispatch that to go hunting in the depths for food too, and will work to learn more cool tricks like that

That or we rely on the prowess of our Lunars to hunt things over and under the waves for us to nom

@Lentrax noted. Will do an IC post when I get home from work