True, the shadow dancer does get quite a few abilities, however the abilities of a shadow dancer are all very narrowly confined to A) shadows most of which are subject to even a level 0 light spell, B) movement and stealth C) often redundant as the char most likely already has the things like Evasion or Uncanny dodge.
Actually, only the Shadow Jump ability is confined to shadows. The rest the Shadow dancer can employ anywhere. And its abilities are not redundant as the numbers stack with whatever they may already have.

The shadow dancer does not however give all those neat abilities AND almost full spell casting. Also the Shadow dancer can't be taken untill later, and requires two more feats and five more skill points to get.
Those on Wizards actually said it was weak because of its lack of manifesting levels... ::)

I'd also bump the skills needed up to 13 ranks each. It's not hard for a psion to get 13 ranks in knowlage by tenth level, and this class definatly like it is more of a 11-20th level than a 6-15th level.
This is NOT anywhere near a 10th level PrC.

The Cold Ken getsimproved form of fog cloud that lasts a very long time, moves with him, and can't be blown away with "gust of wind" or simular, and thanks to his "frost felt" ability he can pinpoint creatures if they are in snow or ice.
Actually, its a form of Arctic Haze from Frostburn. Except this haze doesn't do 1d4 damage every round. And yes, he may only sense them if in snow or ice...

One problem alot of folk had with this class is its main dependence on snow and ice. If in any other locale, this class is very much gimped. So I had to strengthen it a bit. A second level spell, Thaw, makes even this ability unusable. So as one guy put it, why would anyone take the class if once they even go udnerground half their powers become useless.

This strikes me as being VERY powerful. It's an UNNAMED bonus to an ability score; which lets it stack with any other bonus. Unnamed bonus' are very powerful becuase they stack with your enchantment bonus (the most common) and your Inherant bonus from items like Tome of understanding. The fact that it's an Extrodanary ability mean even in anti-magic areas it still functions, just so long as it's cold. The person doesn't even have to be exposed to the cold, even if they are protected by endure elements, so they take no damage, and face no problems with the cold, they still get the benefits. I'd drop this completely.
An unnamed bonus that ONLY works in the cold. And who says they don't have to be exposed to it? If in freezing temperatures. Sure, endure elements makes it more comfortable for them, but it costs a spell or 9 power points.

1d4 damage a round
Thats a typo, supposed to be 1d4 per minute. However, Resistance to Cold 5, which anyone can have by taking Improved Cold Endurance, totally negates that. Also, if the creature has the cold subtype, it is immune. And cold creatures tend to inhabit the artics.

No. Just no. At the very least get rid of the secondary effect. That is better than the "Arcane Reach" ability or the "Archmage"
Already adjusted it so that a power of touch can be used as a ranged touch attack.

If his powers come from understanding the snow crystals infanite depth of pattern, then perhaps give him mostly
clairsentience powers, and requrire "precognition" as a prereq.
I fail to see how he seems clairsentient. He has kinetic powers because the crystals actually have to be arranged to work in the first place, and telepathy, because he forms cerebral complexes out of the ice that he may interact with as a sort of secondary brain.

I do however like the use of ice crystals to see from far away.

So all in all I'm going to just have to go with my gut on this guy. Half the folks say tis way too underpowerd, others that its too powerful, and a handful who thinks its on the money. All of that probably means its balanced ;)