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A minimalist clear would pretty much need:

1 Healer
1 Damage Dealer
3 Wrath/Entrust to feed the other two, buffs etc.

Shelke and/or Morrow can help there as you don't really need any of their relics, just motes to dive for the Haste and instant cast start.
Onion Knight is more involved (at the very least you want his LMR) but is way more versatile.

Personally I have Rosa and Edge on pretty much every team. Ramza on all the physical heavy ones. Golem is my sticking point right now, although it seems like one relic away.

For most teams I have

1 Healer (Elarra)
2 Buffer/Entrustbot (Ramza, sometimes 2 of these)
3 Damage Dealer (up to 3 of them)

I actually have all 3* Magicites beaten. Think I'm about ready for 4*. I tried a couple with no success though, whenever I do win one it'll be close.