He's safe, but where in Gehenna is he?

Khazrael's battered body cannot long keep up the search. He returns to Lissa and Akhby's location, suggesting that perhaps Raskoruran was caught on a ledge or some other odd geographical feature.

"If he's safe, then we need to focus on our friends up top. I don't have any rope or anything, but if Tiriel can carry me, then maybe she can carry them."

He goes silent for a moment. Heavy bloodloss makes it hard to concentrate.

"We need...we need to rest somewhere. All of us. My magic energy's all burned up."

He coughs so hard that a feather actually dislodges itself from his head and drifts to the ground. He squints at the two for a moment.

"If you aren't doing anything else, why don't you two search for a spot? I'll hit the other end of the chasm. Look for something with only one avenue of approach."

A hand slides to his belt and he produces a large knife. He turns to leave.

"And be careful."