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    Tiriel and Yix make an aerial survey and discover that the entire gallery appears to be an underground canyon carved by the rushing water.

    The tunnel opening is an irregular diamond shape in a tall but narrow rock wall.

    The ceiling of the cave lies about 50 feet above the waterfall opening and is made up of stalactites and curtains of rock. The chamber floor lies 200 feet below and is an irregular "V" in cross-section with scattered stalagmites further creating complex terrain.

    The valley seems to stretch indefinitely into the distance with the stream, having reformed down below, wending its way east once again.

    Tiriel spots a flat, open space down below, far enough away from the waterfall's base to be dry and relatively quiet.
    The lizardman drops off to sleep before orienting himself, cutting off any way for Yix (and by extension the rest of the party) to locate him. Reassured, however, that the druid is safe for the moment, the rest of the party focuses on getting away from the waterfall.

    Katrin knots the rope into a harness of sorts, allowing Tiriel to firmly grip each of the party members. Tiriel ferries each party member, including the ones clinging to the rock walls, one by one to the open area she and Yix had scouted earlier.

    The area is essentially a stone bowl, perhaps 30 feet in diameter. The edges of the bowl are made up of a ring of stalagmites, providing a measure of security, should the dark cavern prove to be uninhabited.

    Cold, damp, and somewhat demoralized, the party huddles together at the bottom of the bowl. The light sources keep the darkness at bay, but generate no heat. Field rations are consumed, though most of you find yourselves with little appetite. The roar of the waterfall, though diminished by distance, is incessant.

    On the positive side, the locator rune appears to have faded from Lissa's neck, whether because she is now "out of range" or because the flowing water somehow blocks its effect.

    Taking shifts, as usual, you manage to finally get some rest, for the first time in who knows how long. Sleep and meditation take a little bit of the edge off of your misery. You awaken refreshed, but surrounded by darkness and the sound of rushing water.


    The first order of business is to retrieve the druid. Yix flies back to waterfall and manages to triangulate a location for the lizardman. To the pseudodragon's surprise, the druid appears to be behind the waterfall, close to its top.

    Back at the "camp", Trinark frowns. The drow is used to this kind of environment, and more than anyone else in the party should be at home here, but something seems somehow wrong to him. For the Upperdark, this cavern appears to be a bit too quiet. Though caverns like this often appear barren of life to members of the surface races, the drow is used to at least some signs of the usual Upperdark fauna - cave fish, bats, the occasional kobold, etc. The drow quickly surveys the area and find no signs of life at all.
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