So, I don't know if anyone noticed in light of the free 33-pull, but we got the first of three Lucky Draws in this mini-fest. This one is PHY, and it consists of USBs/ASBs and Glints for Cecil, Locke, Cloud, Squall, and Tidus, and LMRs for all of them except Cloud.

Shockingly, I'm only marginally tempted. For Cecil, I have his USB; his ASB is pretty great, though, and his Glint is fantastic (0CT En-Holy and party HP Stock 2000). For Locke, I have his Glint and his LMR, two dupes right there; his ASB is nice, but between his Glint, LMR, and BSB, I have Locke pretty covered. For Cloud, while I don't have his new USB (the Wind-flavored one) I do have his prior one (good ol' Ultra Cross Slash), as well as his Glint, two BSBs, two OSBs, and his full LD; that's a dupe and I'm covered. For Squall, I don't have his USB or LMR, but I have his Glint - another dupe - plus his BSB, OSB, and again full LD. And for Tidus, I have his USB and LMR - two more dupes - as well as his ASB and OSB. True, I don't have his Glint, but do I really need it at that point?

In a banner of 14 items, I have 6. I feel like, LD or not, I should pass. I'm conflicted.

Reddit points out that, unlike some LDs, these aren't one-day-only. Per the announcement, all three LDs will be open until the 28th. So there's plenty of time to think it over.