So I decided to test that luck after all. Went for the next Realm Lucky numerically - III - and hit a pretty solid jackpot. 3/11, two discos, one rainbow, no dupes:
  • Wizard Rod: Arc's BSB1. The offensive one. Deals Holy/Water damage and grants En-Holy on burst; commands are an ST Holy/Water nuke and an ST heal/+MND. Not bad, considering the only other thing of his I have is his Word of Kindness SSB (0CT medica and pBlink). Then again, I have his Word of Kindness SSB; do I really need anything else?
  • Giant's Axe: Ingus' USB. 10 hits, En-Earth, +ATK/+DEF, and gives him a KNT chaser. A really nice ability for him. Bonus, I already have his En-Earth LMR and his En-Earth BSB1. Too bad they don't all stack, huh?
  • Masamune: Luneth's ASB. A 20+1 model. Bonus, the attacks are Wind ranged attacks, so I could legitimately outfit him Dragoon-style on the back row and still inflict punishment. My Luneth is now utterly equipped, if not completely - ASB, USB, OSB, and BSB. He is prepared.

High on this pull, I decided to try my luck again, with IV. 2/11, two rainbows, no dupes:
  • Helter Skelter: Dencil's BSB2. It's just straight damage, but it's an option for him. A shame the command 2 boost doesn't work on Dark abilities, but DRK abilities - means he can't get as much mileage out of the fact that he now uses HVY abilities. I mean, I'll probably never use him, but he has options now, at least.
  • Excalibur: Pencil's BSB. As in, his original BSB. Do you remember this thing? AoE, En-Holy on burst, commands are an AoE attack and an ST with heal. Man, this thing is ancient. Of particular note is that, while this does give him an AoE option, I also have his Glint (En-Holy + party HP Stock) and his USB (10 hits, En-Holy, HP Stock 6000 and +DEF). So while this is a pretty neat trick, it's hardly his most potent ability at this point.

I figure I've exhausted my luck for now. Best to sit back and replenish my mythril.