[Ravanys' Home]

Ravanys closes her eye and gives a heavy sigh as Zee digs the hole further.

Hannah's glare does not diminish at all. Hm. Sounds like you got in over your head a bit. Sounds like, maybe, you could've used a partner. You know, to watch your back! By this point, Hannah's arms are crossed over her chest, and her voice is almost yelling.

Ravanys brings a hand to her forehead, her eye still closed. Hannah. This wasn't even a job. I was getting freaking bagels.

Hannah swings her arm out, gesturing towards the front door. But something like this could happen on a job! Even more likely, if these guys are gonna start popping up everywhere!

Ravanys shakes her head a bit. I've already made my decision on that, kid. You're not coming on jobs with me.

Hannah gives a frustrated, inarticulate yell and stalks off to another room under the balcony, slamming the door behind her.

Ravanys sighs again. Well. That could've gone worse.