[Mouchabière Residence]

As is often the case in the Mouchabière home, Trick has squirreled herself away in her lab. she's spent the last three days doing things, though she's specifically not told Sophie what she was doing, informing her wife that it was to be a "surprise".

Today, however, it would appear her prep time is finally complete, as she sweeps down from her frankly foul smelling lab on the upper floor (so that the technicolor smoke of her alchemy station can waft out the windows and into the sky where they'll do no harm) and into the living room, "Sophie! You ready to see the surprise?"

She's wearing a set of heavy white leathers somewhere between a duster, a robe, and a suit of armor, with her pact blade at her waist. If one didn't know what an empathetic and enthusiastic sort of person Trick is, they might swear she was some kind of demonic cultist. Even now, that outfit means her own particularly shadowy brand of magic, channeled directly from the bowels of the nine hells. She also seems rather excited.