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    Default Re: 2019 OOTS Magic Item Calendar, now for Pre-Order (Ornament to come)

    Quote Originally Posted by Keltest View Post
    So, this may be a silly question. Typically when I get the calendar, I hang it from a nail on the wall in my bedroom. Since the entire weight of the calendar is hanging on a single page, this tends to create a tear in the top, which gets perpetuated each month in the new page, since the old page isn't helping take the weight due to the tear. Thankfully it hasn't actually fallen off yet, although I suspect it might if I forgot to change it for a month. Is this normal for calendars hung from the little hole in the top? Is there anything I can do to stop this, besides not hanging it until april?
    Found this that may help. The reinforcing ideas sound more annoying to do but likely look better than hanging it from a clip.

    ETA: Direct link for reinforcement stickers
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    Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking).

    Cuthalion makes great avatars. Like my Silver Dragon.
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    It would be nice to just change the title of this thread to be "stuff about Jedi"