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    The catgirl pauses her routine disassembly to observe the summoned weapon, her piercing eyes studying the wicked edge with a fairly appreciative look. "I understand that - I'm the same way with ballistic firearms." She explains as she resumes her work. Plasma and laser weaponry have their advantages... but personally, they just don't feel right. There's something about ballistics that feel much more visceral. The recoil, the whiff of propellant, the sound of the bolt sliding into place as it chambers another round... they feel like they really are deadly, y'know? Laser weapons lack that, it's a weird sort of dissonance I really don't like." Glancing back at the blade, she adds "Can't weigh in on those though. I've never actually held a blade, much less fought with one. Not that it stops me from doing a lot of cutting in the field, of course."
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