[Faction HQ]

Wow. Does she need to treat them all like children? Maybe get, like, a talking stick or something? Only he who wields the stick may talk!

Nah, even if she convinced them to go along with it, they'd just start fighting over the stick. But in a sort of pathetic way. So not really any different from the squabbling going on now.

"Not everyone is pointing a gun at you here, Magtok. In fact, not only am I not pointing a gun at you, I'm keeping Hotshot here from going off prematurely." Making a jab right in the masculinity at Haz might not be wise, but it was the sort of macho language she'd had to use a bit to get the respect of "the boys" in Intersection. Occasionally folks just seemed to need a reminder that being an angel sorta means she's the opposite of some delicate little flower who can't defend herself.

...that one time in the changing rooms had helped get the message across too, but that sort of display is both un-angelic and wholely inappropriate for the situation, for the audience, and because she's with Ambriel and she can't be quite as much of a free spirit any more. She probably needs to talk about that with him a bit at one point. Magtok cheats with the whole clone thing, but he's arguably still done a terrible job of ever actually maintaining a monogamous relationship, right?

She probably ought to be paying more attention to all this, but she's really just a bystander to it all. Haz's little outburst does catch her attention though. She turns and smirks at Magtok, keeping her gaze fixed on him as she addresses her boyfriend, "Hey, Wings, does that mean Magtok would have to let you back into his club if you knocked me up? I bet I could talk some sense into the Hegemony then." She doesn't sound very serious. She's probably not being serious. There's no way she would- although that is a very wicked expression she has on her face right now and there's a certain gleam in her eye.

In reality it's a harmless jab. She's an angel! Angels can't have kids! Angels with traces of demon and vampire in them definitely can't have kids. But does Magtok know that? Does Wings? She can at least have a little fun in all this by making some Magtoks squirm a little.