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    Default Re: Fallout IX: Nuclear Cash Cows Go MMOoooooo!

    Quote Originally Posted by ArlEammon View Post
    If given the choice between buying Fallout 76, or getting kicked in the balls 76 times, which horror should I choose?
    Fallout 76 really is not that horrifying. If you ignore the malformed multiplayer elements, there's a good 40-50 hours of solid Fallout 4 style gameplay with some admittedly quirky issues to go through just doing the main quest and some of the major sidequests. That much, if you like the lore of the Fallout series, can be quite engrossing if rather dark. Is it worth the full price, no, not considering how frustrating the experience can be at times, but if you can get your hands on its for 50% off, it's fine.

    Edit: with the caveat that you're getting it on PC and have a system that can handle it, but that's been true since at least Skyrim for all Bethesda games anyway.
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