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When you're a machine empire, you have more than enough worlds to do what you want with it that cracking a planet or two probably doesn't matter. (I still don't do it on the matter of principle. I do like the neutron sweep though.)

EDIT: On a more annoying note, I keep trying to roll for Mega-Engineering, and kept not getting it. Already been holding onto the two perks required for galactic wonders for half a century now.
Despite having over 500 hours in the game and having bought all expansions on release (or close to) I still don't think I've managed to ever get Mega-engineering even in my game that have gone all the way to end-game crisis and such. Or Colossus Ascension perk for that matter. I guess I'm doing something wrong, usually I get caught up in silly stuff like switching from Xenophile to Xenophobe halfway through a game and eradicating all the lesser, non-psionic races in my empire just because it's fun (and honestly, to improve performance. Open migration, refugees and Xenocompatability has complete wrecked my current game's performance)