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Whether or not fudging is "terrible" or not is entirely up to each individual person and trying to declare it badwrongfun (especially when enthusiastically consented to on both sides) is juvenile, though.
I would like to point out this in now way is the point I am making.

I Have in the past fudged dice rolls and in some systems (that some of my friends prefer I run) I may fudge dice in the future.

I have no problems with dice fudging, it has pros and cons.
Other methods to achieve similar results as fudging dice also have pros and cons. Like handing out Meta-currency to help players effect dice rolls.

What my objection is, and the point of my post is this.

When setting up a game, be honest about what the game is. DO NOT lie to the players about what the game is. If asked directly, do you plan to fudge dice in this FUTURE campaign ? Be honest with your answer. Allow players a chance to choose the games they want to play in, by GMs being honest what the game is.

I really don't see what the advantages are of Lying about what your game style is ?