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I mean given the prevalence and sheer awesome power of Archers, plus the lack of insulation, I wouldn't want to be caught dead in Chainmail. Also the Nord Hauberk from Immersive Armors is the best I've seen.
Honestly immersive armors is not a strength of Skyrim. They've always looked more fantastical to me, even when you ignore the odd chainmail bikini. With Arena and Daggerfall basically just outlining the character sprite in non-flesh colors, in Morrowind, a majority of the armors were used to display the alien nature of dark elves (glass armor, chitin armor, daedric armor). Oblivion and Skyrim just kept a majority of said alien armor types.

Personally I would have been more fond of better stated "barbaric" light and heavy armor (Stahlrim looks f-ugly).