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Yeah I'm deffinatly liking this.. would be very neat to do. My only question is why do they need weapon finesse? since it deals with being dexterous and such instead of strong, which fits a fey better?
Yeah, that and I thought it needed SOME feat as a prerequisite. Open to suggestions for a replacement or additionals.

It's very cool; but I'm wondering why you have Druid spells listed under the bonus spells, it seems like Bard or Sorcerer would be more appropriate with the high Charisma.
Because they are delving into the 'natural world' and Sorcerer really has nothing to do with any of this, and though singing and dancing come into it, Bard spells don't fit very well either.

Really, my only issue would be that the class abilities give you a lot of Charisma and Dexterity, but nothing in particular (unless you're already a bard or sorcerer, which in fairness you probably are) to use with it.
Charisma and Dexterity help with a build devoted more towards a fey type creature. You can now duck and intimidate instead of powerhousing. You can befriend animals easier. Lots of uses for this even if you are not fighting.