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"What kind of person would receive the Haty-a's blessing to study here, if not we? I don't trust her. Not at all."
Lehasti quietly murmurs, "And well you should not... the taint of evil surrounds her. She is no ally to our cause."

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"It has an aura of transmutation, so it could be nearly anything, though the aura is not at all powerful. I suspect it just represents some form of air elemental shaped in a humanoid form," replies Vershab. "I am loathe to spend long discussing things when we are on a limited schedule today regarding the research we came here to do. After all of the delays, I would like to get started, unless we are likely to be in any sort of danger and need to protect ourselves...you don't think we are, do you?"
Lehasti responds in a level tone, the softness of her voice a stark contrast to the sharp, flat, and watchful gaze the paladin gives toward the previous corridor. "Goddess willing, we are not, but you may have to do without my assistance today... I like not the talk of invisible guardians, nor our neighbor in the other room." The paladin steps quietly to one side of the doorway, affecting a posture of relaxation that nonetheless places one gauntleted hand very near the hilt of her sheathed blade. She gives Azkin a direct look, silently gesturing with a tilt of her head, and the young man walks to mirror her position, arms gripping his spear as he rests its butt end on the cold floor.