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    Default Re: Simple RAW for Pathfinder Thread VI: Return of the Red Die

    Quote Originally Posted by Sloanzilla View Post

    I should know this, but if I have the Craft Arms and Armor feat and I'm making a masterwork plate into +2 plate, do I still need "magic vestment"? Same question on weapons- do I need one of the magic weapon spells?
    A42: The creation of magic weapons (without any special weapon abilities such as flaming) does not require spells, only a sufficient caster level to add the bonus. Normally, you can only add a +1 bonus per 3 caster levels. Likewise with armor. Bards, druids, rangers, and other magic-users who don't have magic weapon, greater magic weapon, or magic vestment on their spell lists can produce simple magic items with the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat just like a cleric can.
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