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If I wanted to play morrowind and avoid the main quest, what's the next best thing? What questlines are good/have good compatibility. I've noticed with morrowind that if you join one faction another won't like it, and quests have you act against other factions all the time.

Like should I do one where I'm Imperial cult/Imperial legion/All the western guilds/house whatever and another where I'm the most dunmer dunmer to have ever dunmered? What then to pick. What to skip?
Many guilds have conflict with one another. One thing to know is that if you join a Dunmer house, the other houses can no longer be joined. It's one House only.
The Fighter's guild fights against the Thieves' guild, so to do the questline for both requires doing some quests in a certain order.
The Mages' guild and the Telvanni also fight one another, iirc.
The Morag Tong's post-Nerevarine quests involve assassinating high ranking members of the Imperial Legion as well, I think.