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If I wanted to play morrowind and avoid the main quest, what's the next best thing? What questlines are good/have good compatibility. I've noticed with morrowind that if you join one faction another won't like it, and quests have you act against other factions all the time.

Like should I do one where I'm Imperial cult/Imperial legion/All the western guilds/house whatever and another where I'm the most dunmer dunmer to have ever dunmered? What then to pick. What to skip?
General rule of thumb: Telvanni don't get along with others. Including (and sometimes especially) other Telvanni. They're a very traditional Dunmer house (in the openly xenophobic way). They do, however, give out some very nice toys when you complete quests (including a personal favorite, the Amulet of Admonition). They don't pair particularly well with any of the other guilds, but you do get some amusing dialogue here and there if you're also a member of the Mage's Guild. That being said, the Telvanni also don't usually CARE enough one way or another what you're doing or who you're affiliated with. With that in mind, the Telvanni are also the most forgiving House to work with if playing as a Vampire.

Redoran are also very traditional, but in a much stricter, honorable warrior sense. Their missions pair well with the Tribunal Temple, the Imperial Legion, and the Fighter's Guild, where you're out to save wayward folks from the various dangers of the region, regardless of the pay. With that in mind, they also pair fairly well with the Imperial Cult. They might not always see eye to eye with these organizations, but they at least share the goal of making Morrowind a (slightly) safer place to live.

Hlaalu, despite being the most powerful house (politically and financially), is walking away the least traditional. They're also quite corrupt and pair well with the Thieves Guild quests. Additionally, while the East Empire Company faction you join in Bloodmoon has no effect or influence with the other guilds, their lore and quest flavor works best with Hlaalu.

The Morag Tong, Morrowind's answer to the Dark Brotherhood, is a very traditional and honorable organization that exists both sort of within and entirely outside of the Great House's influence. Their entire deal is to, with the permission of their patron god and the Great Houses as a whole, preform legal executions for the sake of avoiding excessive bloodshed, or unnecessary conflict as a whole. Sadly, they don't pair well with House Redoran (unless you are exceptionally sneaky) because while your hits are entirely within the realm of law, you still have to be cleared of the charges if you are seen attacking and killing someone. Which means that, even if it were for a few brief moments, you were classified as a dangerous, murderous thug and thus acting outside of the Redoran's honor code.