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Well just about every piece of food you can get in the game costs 1 septim. So judging by that, a single septim might be worth... One meal?
Within the game, scuttle and scrib jerky each have a notional value of 10 septims, and scrib jelly has a notional value of 5 septims. Of the local alcohols, mazte and sheen have notional values of 10 septims, while greef and sujamma have notional values of 30 septims (interestingly, given that these are single-use items, this is apparently a single-serving value despite the weight of the item and the apparent size when the item is placed within the world, though it's also entirely possible that that's a gameplay or coding issue rather than an aspect of the game that should be taken literally). I would say that one septim for one meal might be more than a little on the low side, at least in Morrowind, unless your meal is a single unit of raw crab meat or a loaf of bread or something like that.