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Lucrezia didn't work that way at first when she kept switching with Agatha and Tarvek pretended to help both, neither could remember what the other was up to. Since Agatha has the locket it seems like Lu has gained some abitilty to percieve her surroundings as shown with the incident in Van rijn's lab.

Also a gestalt is a merger of several entities, so the Klaus overlay is not one.
Another possibility is that Lucrezia actually was cognizant of her surroundings when Tarvek was trying to pull the wool over her eyes. She may have just pretended not to be. I wouldn't put it past her to play along, as long it benefited her. Especially if she figured she could manipulate him. And if she figured Tarvek was lying to Agatha about wanting to help her.

Who knows how many layers of deception (and self-deception), Lucrezia is capable of.