31st Sommerzeit

"Well, it's been a long day," said Elsa. "Let's get some rest."

She knew most members of her escort were none too enthusiastic about this venture and she was not about to make herself unpopular by pushing them too far. Not to mention that if the sound of their picks attracted anything nasty from these mountains, it was best to see it coming and fight it by daylight, though she found it best not to voice this consideration.

"I think I'll sleep in the courtyard. There's some residual magic inside this tower that's tickling the edge of my mind in an annoying way," she lied. She hoped the rest of the group would do the same as her and opt to sleep outside, as she suspected the pit might do another scary thing if they slept too close. Not that this would deter her, but it might make it harder to convince the others to stay the course.