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Thread: The Age of Warriors (Project Revived!)

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    Once these are done we will be g2g.

    This list will keep getting updated as we progress so everything here's current.

    Spoiler: DISCIPLINES
    - Convert Dread Crown to an Epic Discipline
    - Make a new [shield tank discipline], modeled on PF's Iron Tortoise.

    Spoiler: BASE CLASSES
    - Finish Poet and Animist.

    Spoiler: PRCs
    - Build [TOB/Soulknife] PrC. They make their mindblade take the form of the Nine Swords (or other discipline weapons), and can shift between them. Each sword has different benefits. Shouldn't req more than 1lvl of soulknife.

    - Edit Warsmith, artificer/ToB PRC, to fit new concept.

    - Convert Firebrand base class to a PrC for the warlord.


    Here are the disciplines that still need legacy weapons made for them:

    Dancing Leaf
    Falling Anvil - Frying Pan of Doom, possibly Rubber Chicken?
    Falling Star - Bow or crossbow with sniper theme
    Fool’s Grip - The Universal Weapon
    Lightning Fox -
    Oncoming Storm -
    Phoenix Feather - Magic longbow modeled after hank's bow
    Sleeping Goddess
    Witch Razor -

    —Planar Disciplines—

    Infinite Torment - “Flamescourge" or something dramatic like that
    Ninefold Damnation - cornugon spiked chain, barbezu glaive, or a flamberge
    Stygian Nightmare - a scythe
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