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Thread: Legacy of Fire SoP/PoW/SoM II OOC

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    Level up summary
    +1 level hedgewitch
    +1d8 (1d8+1)[7] HP +1 FCB (63 total)
    +1 BAB (6 total)
    +1 base will save (6 total)
    +1 CL (6 total, 10 destruction (air) from staff + energy specialization, 12 energy blade w/ air)
    +13 skill points (+1 acrobatics, fly, arcana, dungeoneering, geography, history, local, nature, planes, religion, perception, spellcraft, stealth)
    +1 SP (17 total)
    +1 talent (Destruction Extended range (medium))
    +1 secret (swift movement - I swear I had this already, not sure where it went. Oh well, have talents I've not used so I guess it evens out)

    Sparrow's path no longer cuts out at the end of movement.

    ABP - we are as 1 level higher? That makes unarmed strike now +2.
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