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    "If anyone makes trouble," said Sforza, "remind them what they pay their taxes for. Victory, and peace in the Reaches."

    We haven't been able to deliver these things yet, Elsa thought, so I wouldn't blame them for being a tad cynical when we come take their pigs. She did not care much for the orders to loot the peasantry again, especially so early in the season. At some point there would be nothing left to squeeze, and when that moment came they would have a revolt on their hands.

    They might win the war, but would they survive the peace?

    "We'll be drinking in Alvarran before this summer is out," Sforza added, causing Elsa to wince visibly. He sure loved to tempt Tzeentch.

    "May I suggest we also fish the Azril and the Mere?" Elsa chimed in. "Might alleviate some of the pressure on the peasants."

    After those past few days with her friends and the Thorns, Elsa welcomed the opportunity to get away from gazes. She came up with a quick excuse to go walk with Sieghard among the bustle of the camp being struck.

    Elsa and Sieghard
    Elsa reached inside her bag and showed Sieghard the mirror she had found in the summoning room under Harmugstahl. "Look in there," she said gravely, "and tell me what you see."
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