Mysterious Sinkhole

This door sparks when Koshal touches it, giving him a painful- but minor- electrical shock. If Koshal responds with pain, he can then open the door- but there's otherwise no answer.

On the other side of the door is a large room with a tall ceiling. It looks like a cross between a mad scientist's laboratory, an operating theatre and a crypt. The floor is covered in white tiles, cracked and chipped here and there by over-use and regularly stained with dried blood, pickling fluid and other, stranger liquids. Three massive stone tables are in the middle of the room, with a tool-covered push trolley next to each. On one table lies a skeleton-like sculpture of scrap metal, with a pile of rotting animal carcasses next to the table. On another table lies a three metre tall humanoid figure, totally naked, with skin marked with stitches and bearing the white and black markings of a cow. It's not complete yet; the skin isn't sewn on everywhere and it hasn't been animated.

The final table has a three metre-tall figure standing next to it, immobile and unmoving, wrapped in the skins of several cows. Its face is horrific, skin pulled tight in strange places over its skull and yet baggy and loose elsewhere. A pair of sheep eyes stare out from its head, set into eye-sockets that aren't quite level, above a nose distorted by the pull of taut skin above it, a pull strong enough it's tugged the upper lip away from the crooked row of nails hammered into its gums to serve as teeth.

Koshal just entered from the east; to the west there's two more doors of a similar design to the one he just used, and an archway leads into another corridor to the south, blocked by a shimmering curtain of magical force.