Rem lets drop her cloak, and shimmies softly out of her binds; no need for them now, that she was going to speak. No, even before that...

Her eyes close as she lets her thoughts and feelings sink into the same space as when she first reached her spark of divinity. In a moment, the sun's light is upon the room at her chest as white feathered wings furl around her in a protective, cocoon-like embrace.

"My name is Rem, and I am but one such newly divine being."

Her wings spread as that light spreads further; she looks taller, her vestments have changed to the magical regalia of that of an archangel. A subtle crown seats atop of her hair, long and flowing.

"I have come here to ask you to stop this cruel business of slavery." She purses her lips for a moment, and says, "The business which has so destroyed your own life to the drug that you take. I can heal you too, that you would not have to suffer the rest of your life in pain. But this..."

She glances around, but then back towards Zu, "This cannot continue. Not for the ailing, who only desperately seek shelter and sustenance. Not for you."