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    Anyways, would they guys work together with each other to overthrow the goverement.
    I'm quite certain they wouldn't mind getting together.

    Very nice. Though the weakness to strongly-presented valuables seems a little odd. For one thing, I keep imagining a guy in a business suit holding one of these things at bay by pulling out a wad of bills and screaming, "You can't kill me! I have money!" For another thing, surely a display of wealth would simply enrage the Llymha, and since most of the Llymha's targets will be wealthy people, they end up unable to perform the kidnappings you mention.
    Oh, it would enrage them incredibly. Thats why they go after their wealth, then their family, and basically impoverish them to the point they can no longer fend off the Llymha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Closet_Skeleton View Post
    Is that just a name made of random elf sounding syllables?
    Llymha is a complicated gaelic word baically meaning 'I impoverish and make bare'.

    I use gaelic for a good chunk of my fey creatures names, like I use swahili for magical beasts and innuit or russian for arctic creatures.
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