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    Default Re: An Eclectic Collection of Fun and Effective Builds

    Quote Originally Posted by LudicSavant View Post
    Anything in particular people would be interested in seeing?
    I usually play Wizards, Archers (All sorts of Fighters, Rogues, Hunter and Gloom Stalker Rangers, Hexblade, Valor Bard, and a Kensei Monk), and Healer support types (All sorts of Clerics and Druids, Lore Bard, Divine Sorcerer, Celestial Warlock, and even a Redemption Paladin with the Healer feat and Inspiring Leader).

    I think you've covered a lot of healer support types and I will probably take a stab at the Goblin Land Druid soon, that one looks like some fun. Thanks for posting it.

    I've made a Hobgoblin Wizard and a Shadar-kai Fighter (Samurai) at your recommendation, but haven't played them yet so feel free to expand on them if you like. Any other Wizard goodness you like to share, feel free.

    I feel like I could have done a better job with my Valor Bard Archer and it came on line late. I never got a good feel for my Kensei Archer, and I also probably could have improved on my Hexblade Archer in hindsight. The Rogue Assassin was very effective, if kinda plain and feat intensive.

    So any new variations are always welcomed, or anything that looks fun in general to play.
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