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Thread: HALO 183: The Not Remotely Gritty Reboot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    [HALO Tour - Lab]

    "Right, of course," Dorota says, glad for a change of subject herself. "If it's okay for me to use the lab while not a member yet, I can show you something quick and simple."
    Quote Originally Posted by Earl of Purple View Post
    Arriving, Shuttlepod Bay 6

    The pod connects with the airlock and vents, as it arrives. After the door opens, a young woman steps out. She's a tiefling, with very pale skin, bright red hair, and pale yellow eyes. A long red tail sticks out from the bottom of the green sleeveless dress. She's got a rucksack slung over her back, and an ornate black flanged mace hangs at her waist. She gets out and looks around, curious at the surroundings.
    Dorotoa might be even happier to collect her thoughts, because the beads on Mirai's wrists suddenly ping and he perks up. "My girlfriend's here. I'll be right back, I'm a greeter, after all. Make yourself comfortable!" He shouts, then disappears in a flash of lightning.

    [Shuttlepod Bay 6]

    Mirai appears! He smiles at his girlfriend and walks to her, giving her a hug. "Hiya, babe. I joined up recently. You don't have to join as well, I recall you didn't want to, but you can at least hang here with me. Oo, you gotta see the lab! Electronics and mechanics, working together as always. There's also my room and the training area. Which do you wanna see first?" He asks, holding her close and pecking her forehead.
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