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Lastly, since we were discussing earlier the use of Echo, here is Mike Donais' opinion.

Time is 34:28
I mean, that's the reason they've been giving since the card was previewed. It still doesn't make sense when they release this card simultaneously with a card that gives Mega-Windfury, which is a far more obscure mechanic than Echo and has only been on one card in the past ever (two if you count the single-player weapon that had it). And that card was never played except in meme decks even when it was around!

It's just a really odd decision.


I think I've fallen in love with Big/Muck Shaman. Pressuring a Control Warrior from turn 5 thanks to a Farsight + Eureka + Big Bad Archmage + Ancestral Spirit? Priceless. Seems weakest against the token decks, because unless you draw your AoEs early (and particularly Hagatha's Scheme) you just get overrun before you can get your healing engine going.