she snarks at Usagi as she turns around to face the monkey
"The tag was fake. As if I'd actually blow up the instruments we need."
She rushes forward towards the monkey as fast as she can. Battle was all about controlling the flow of it to your advantage, and controlling the flow was all about staying fast and on the offensive to keep your foe off balance. She sees the Sound headband on it, her mind registering that fact, as well as the various injuries, curse marks that her brother Jirou helped research at labs and talked about sometimes, and the maddened state of the monkey, she decided then and there...

to kill the monkey anyways. Ninjas can't hesitate when things are heated, so they are taught to finish things fast when they cannot do it carefully. This monkey was a clear danger, and she had only a split second to act. Best put it out of its misery. Wondering why this happened, was a question for later. She jumps down, attacking with the Origami-No-Tsurugi like a rapier, thrusting forward with one hand and using Paper Extension Jutsu to stab even further with every thrust, a sword style developed by her clan to take maximize her paper weapons advantages of lightness, sharpness and variable range. But as she launches the first thrust, she flashbacks to the man she killed in the basement, just for a second- but no, she can't hesitate, she can't hesitate! She attacks despite the moment of hesitation, trying to kill the monkey as fast as possible.

Yet for all her genius, she has made a couple of mistakes: one she took the time to banter, two she rushed into melee range of the enemy while an archer was aiming at them, and three she hesitated because of a memory. Yuyuyu looked at Usagi then at Kimiko and frowned as she considered her own umbrella. The fact that they both wielded melee weapons while Usagi was primarily ranged was going to be something to take into account.
"By the kamis, you two are already getting in each other's way to kill the enemy...sigh..."