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Given you've already admitted to not paying very much attention, i'm going to assume you won't take much offense at me saying that your confusion seems born more of misunderstanding what's been written than the text being unclear.
Not in the slightest. I pretty much left myself open for attack on that front.

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There have always been three types (or "colors", it seems to depend on the translation) of Haki. Kenbunshoku (Observation, "Color of Observation"), Busoshoku (Armament, "Color of Armament"), and Haoshoku (Conqueror's Haki...apparently even Viz wasn't dumb enough to try to push 'Color of the Conqueror" or something).
i'm think it's like a rainbow. I was picturing like six of them.

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The powers are pretty consistent between them.

Observation Haki manifests as a sixth sense, the ability to predict attacks and sense things you can't see as shown first by the people of Skypiea (as "Mantra"). Observation Haki is basically Spider Sense but you can also use it to amp your other senses. Sensing the future is what it already DOES. Katakuri just gets actual future sight instead of just a vague sense because he's better at it.
See that's what i mean about the drastic differences. Sensing danger, predicting, those are reasonable. being actually able to see the future 20/20, and now luffy is seemingly doing it to. That's an extraordinary ability for it just being a technique that anyone can learn from hard work (which i know is pretty ironic thing to say, considering we are talking about a shounen, but that's like one punch man levels of ridiculousness.)

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Armament Haki is invisible armor at a base level that protects from attacks and increases the power of your attacks. More power = darker coloring. It affects all Devil Fruit users as though they were normal humans, which is why Haki-powered blunt attacks hurt Luffy and they can cut a Logia in half and stuff now. I think the "Sanji's Haki is fire" thing is just a fan theory, I don't remember seeing that in the manga anywhere. He first did Diable Jambe pre-timeskip (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY pre-timeskip) so that's highly unlikely.
Armament, i get.

I'll get back to you on Sanji-

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Conqueror's Haki lets the user impose their will on people. Weak people get knocked out, animals get tamed. Prtety straightforward.
*nod* *nod*

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None of this has really changed since Haki was introduced, so I think your confusion might come from watching/reading multiple different translations of the series. The subbed anime is different from the dubbed anime is different from the Viz translation of the manga is different from Manga Stream's translation of the manga and maybe confusing fan theories with the actual text.

I agree, but... devil's advocate

Maybe a large reason they are all so different is because the source is legitimately confusing. I've read some of those sbs corner and Oda seems to be pretty loosey goosey on details.

To quote the wiki, "However, Oda has said that it does not damage him because while the Diable Jambe burns hot, Sanji's heart burns hotter".

Sanji's foot is molten, not on fire, molten. You telling me, it being Haki is only a theory? The prevailing thought is that it's just friction?

At least with Haki you could just say he super heated the outer layers with friction and the inner layers were stopping him from being burnt.

That's what i mean about jarring. You don't even agree with the idea of it being haki way back then.

This is why i don't poke at the logic of one piece and just go with stuff.