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    Default Re: What are your favorite games that nobody's heard of?

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    That kind of made Valkyrie Profile a really great game, honestly. That's exactly how a Valkyrie would likely act. And man that was a good game.
    If you want to play the evil, mortal version of a Valkyrie in the same universe, check out Covenant of the Plume. I mentioned it earlier in the thread. It's a brutally difficult tactics game that becomes drastically easier when you sell the souls of your friends, and takes place in the Valkyrie Profile universe.
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    MOG, design a darn RPG system. Seriously, the amount of ideas Iíve gleaned from your posts has been valuable. Youíre a gem of the community here.
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    5th Edition Homebrewery

    Prestige Options, changing primary attributes while maintaining balance with default options.
    Adrenaline Surge, fitting Short Rests into combat to fix bosses/Short Rest Classes.
    Pain, using Exhaustion to make tactical martial combatants.
    Fate Sorcery, lucky winner of the 5e D&D Subclass Contest VII!