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Here's one I played that I'd love to be able to find again, except I can't remember the name. Mid 90s, I think. Same era as Loom and maybe the Gold Box D&D games (at least the early ones).

It was an isometric, tile-based (like a rogue-like, everyone moves when you do) RPG. Things I remember:

No classes--at the start you pick some things you're good (weapons, magic, etc) at but can learn others. Picking any weapon but swords was a mistake due to plot reasons later, but...

Start out an orphan in a temple/monastery that is raided by the forces of evil. The only survivor, you take a tunnel through underground dungeons to go kill the big bad. Along the way you find an intelligent sword that gains power by killing things. There's an obvious in retrospect plot twist at the end if you got the good ending.

I remember the box was black and promised "over 100 hours of gameplay".

Anyone know a name for this?
Sounds vaguely like Avernum... did you have one character, or a party? Was it Diablo-esque? Do you see it anywhere on this list?