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My daily goal is 3,800 calories but I have a lot of leeway in hitting that number. I rely to an extent on some pretty sugary/unhealthy stuff to manage 3,800, like brownies and cookies, which I can kind of get away with for the time being since I'm just trying to gain and don't have to worry about shooting up too much in weight. I try to keep my daily sugar intake under 100 grams and keep my daily protein intake around 190; other than that, I'm pretty lax about the specific foods that comprise my diet.

Once I stop focusing on gaining (I don't really have an end goal weight at this point) and start focusing on maintaining and keeping a clean diet it's going to take a lot of adjustment haha.
:/ I felt guilty about eating some figs today.

That is some crazy intake to get to 160, I was eating a similar amount when I was 360. One thing I know is anything liquid tends to be an easy way to stuff calories in, eggnog especially.