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My metabolism is pretty ridiculous, but it seems to be chilling out. A year ago 3,800 was my maintenance intake and I needed 4,000 a day to gain... Those were not easy days.

Milk and dairy definitely help-- I generally drink three cups of milk a day, which aside from the sugar (even in whole milk that comes out to over 30 grams of sugar) is pretty handy for hitting 3,800. I used to make a shake using milk, peanut butter, banana, and protein powder-- 950 calories, about 75-80 grams of protein. Probably should get some more protein powder and do that again instead of resorting to brownies...
The shake is probably healthier, but doesn't taste as good. It is kind of funny reading your weight gain struggles, I have been training myself to eat only clean foods whenever possible and losing weight because there aren't the extra calories I am used to from soda, pasta, etc. You are forcing yourself to eat like I did, just feels bizarre.

One thing I will say about the fat thing; eating a lot of fat is hard. I eat bacon or sausage every breakfast because the high fat content means I only have to eat a little to be full. Eating 2000 calories in carbs is easy, in fat it would feel like I am stuffed all day.