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    Quote Originally Posted by jindra34 View Post
    So notes: Day of Reckoning is actually blocked by shields. Because apparently shields block you seeing the foe or something.

    Orbs at least in part are based on strength. Which is odd since they are only resisted by magic defense. It also generally matches the element of the user.

    Descent does bring back all of them, it spawns enemies from a fixed list back to 4. The dragoons are scary enough, between stats and them all having Brionac, that you don't want them to spawn.

    Suprisingly Enfeeble is a good spell here, its damage, though normally weak, is completely unaffected by defense.

    Spoiler: Also on endings
    On path A, there exists a set of endings for if you don't have Elanor in battle at the end of the final battle, with variables dependant on if she was in your army at the start of the showdown, or if you included her but Shaher ended up killing her.

    A/A+ Ending has Elanor's sacrifice is literally to redeem Shaher. She kinda absorbs him and then goes to heaven or something. Its kinda more confusing.

    Also the thing that sends Gaston/Alphonse/Lans off the deep end is Elanor's death. Literally one act made him a go off the deep end, turn his back on god etc. etc. etc. So B ending is the GOOD ending for Gaston. Which means he won't be there to effect critical events in the future.

    There is no B+ ending. One of the requirement for + ending is get ending A.
    Huh, Enfeeble surprise end game tech, I suppose.

    You know, I've got respect for all those variations. That's some hard work they put into the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by DataNinja View Post
    Oh, fun fact that I found out while doing some Wikipedia walking... apparently some of the same team that worked on the Tactics Ogre games also worked on, at the very least, the first Final Fantasy: Tactics game. So... I wonder how much that might account for some of the aesthetic similarities. (Granted, not this game, probably, given the first FF:T was in 1997, and this is 2001... but, I thought it was an interesting fact given our prior discussion nonetheless.)


    Man, I thought Hell would be... more interesting.

    ...well, uh, that's the first time that any enemies have killed their side. And it's still more kills than Pitt or Saia.

    "Not one single person on this team has died. You can't prove it." *glances at Celestine*

    Oh dear... will we end up having a canonical death? Will we regret selling those Altars of Resurrection?

    And everyone getting Blood Reign here, geez.

    Oh, phew, we still had an Altar.

    Good boy, Terepat.

    Well, uh, okay then. Cybil's alive or something, sisters, and... ooookay. This all doesn't seem to quiiite make sense, but, sure. Let's go with it.

    Spoiler: Army
    Unit Kills
    Gaston 45
    Deneb 12
    DataNinja 24
    Blue 17
    Celestine 21
    Trobby 14
    Vecna 22
    Ivanna 9
    Glycinia 3
    Terepat 7
    Orson 5
    Deme 15
    Eleanor 12
    Elrik 2
    Pitt 0
    Euphaire 7
    Lubina 1
    Rictor 2
    Saia 0
    Friendly Fire: 12 Whoops, An Object Got In The Way: 17

    That wasn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It was neat, looked fun... even if the scaling seemed kinda stupid at times, and the characters also acted kinda stupid at times.

    Oh, yes, a mystery special guest, who I'm sure hasn't already been in a Kirby Game on the channel already.

    Also... now to go back and read all the spoilers I missed, too.


    Okay, so, our final chart here:

    So... basically, everyone was consistent in relative proportions throughout the series. The more used people obviously got more, which also tended to be the longer-on-team people. The only exceptions there were Deneb - who fell off once she stopped being used as anything more than Temptation (and then eventually stopped altogether) - and Blue - who got his massive Undead Cleanse spike propelling into the mid-echelons.

    Gaston on his own killed more than our bottom 8-10 units (depending on whether you include our ones with 0). All of our non-double-digit kills were still less than Gaston (only by adding our lowest double-digit does it finally push to 48). Only one person killed even half his number.
    Gaston really just reached a point where he is an unstoppable killing machine.

    Also, mad props for pointing out Celestina and not Vecna there

    Quote Originally Posted by jindra34 View Post
    The original Tactics Ogre team was indeed hired en masse by Square to make the original FF:T.
    They also did Hoshigami! Proving once and for all you can make the same game five times and do it badly in five different, exciting ways!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja_Prawn View Post
    lol. FFT is definitely a game designed for people who like to grind random encounters.

    Also, Cybil just salvaged this entire LP with that 'notice me senpai' line.
    I was definitely referring to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, for the GBA like Knight of Lodis is. Which requires ever so slightly less grinding than fifty hours worth.

    Cybil, having expressed no prior love for Gaston at all: Oh yeah I definitely get where you're coming from Satan-chan. I didn't get to torture mermaids with my senpai either =(
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