Gothic Cathedral

Against all odds, Blue arrives at the correct destination, the small, battered spaceship he's currently utilizing as transport barely managing the landing without crumbling into dozens of broken parts. However, the moment the ship lands, great plumes of smoke burst out of an exposed system of pipes under the thing, rising up lazily into the air. The treasure hunter stumbles, mostly empty bottle in hand, out of the spaceship, tripping a little before falling a little, collapsing onto a knee. After a few choice curses, Blue rises up, his legs wobbly, posture limp, before promptly tossing the bottle against a nearby rock.

Completely oblivious to any sort of shadow in the stained glass window, Blue begins to do a few more stretches, checking up on his equipment before retrieving his battered rifle from his back. Moving forward, he notices the seemingly garbled note upon the door. "Hell does... what." Begrudgingly, Blue reaches up gingerly to tap at a few buttons at the side of his goggles, sliding through several complicated modes before settling upon a translator scan. After five minutes of set-up, mostly spent tapping at the poorly-maintained goggles, the weird writings ought to be translated for him in all their specifics.

This was a fairly disconcertingly crumbly structure. Still, if the man were in the business of obeying warning signs, he wouldn't have chosen this profession.