[Simulation Room]

"Understandable. Anything will do though, doesn't even have to be a machine, simply interesting visuals."

Looked like Rein had a better idea though.
Faith follows, taking a good look around the room as they enter.

What's next surprises her though, despite Rein's warning she had not expect it to be this real and not to fill the entire room.
For a moment she just stares out at the 'mountainside' before she realizes that Rein is talking to her again. "Uh, impressive." She agrees. "Very real."

As the simulation turns off, she visibly relaxes. As breathtaking as that was, right now she preferred a safe laboratory. Not that she would mind seeing some other simulations with this machine.

Rein's next claim makes her wish she had something to take notes with however. "Hold on, you can simulate how things react with one another? I thought it was just a projection." Computers predicting how chemicals would react was not new but from the sound it it this thing could simulate a lot more than that. "That's very impressive, so its not just a room then? We could, theoretically, have climbed down that mountain we were on top of?"