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He said that occupying planets raised his exhaustion more than theirs, and that's entirely possible if his armies are significantly weaker than theirs, because he'll lose more armies in the landing and that will mean significant war exhaustion. Of course, the answer there is to either beef up your armies or not bother occupying the planets.
No - I literally crushed them in every regard. No exceptions. But I'm pretty sure I had none of the two techs to reduce exhaustion, and they may well have had both. That doesn't change anything, however. If there's a tech that allows a civ to just shrug their shoulders at being mercilessly crushed with absolutely zero chance of turning it around - that's a problem. By the end of that way, I had taken every station throughout their territory, mainly because I needed to deal with some pirates too, and I didn't want to have to also bother with them building new fleets.