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Thread: Recruit by play popup game. Dnd-ish

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    Charachter: Finnian

    Finnian had originally been in the orphanage on buissness, short of the near-slavery that came with work in the emerald mines or fighting pits criminal work was all that was left to some of these orphans and one pair (orc boy, gnome girl) had picked up the knack early and were being told about the guild rules.

    As the spider bore down though he saw he had now way out but through. He got onto the roof and crept slowly through the fog towards the beast. When he got as close as possible, heís break cover leap for itís back and try and maintain balance while he was stabbing.

    Stealth: (1d20+9)[11] (Donít suppose I get some bonus for how distracted it is?)
    Acrobatics to land and balance on itís back (Second Story Work should Help) (1d20+9)[24]
    Attack to stab it in the back of the neck as a distraction/Disincourigment (1d20+7)[12] for (1d8+5)[13]+(2d6)[9]
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    Oh well, it should still be fun.