Speaking as someone who knows 5e, you'll have to do a lot of work.

I'd triage the changes and worry more about converting the spirit of the character rather than the mechanics. Because the mechanics will not transfer well at all. One of the big things is the equipment. A "normal" level 3 character has one, maybe two Common items (ie a sword that glows in the dark and counts as magical, but has no +X). A level 8 character has maybe 1-2 Uncommon (including a +1 weapon or shield) permanent items and at most 1 rare (a +2 weapon/shield or a +1 suit of armor), and you will not necessarily be able to go out and purchase the ones you want. You will not be able to wield a 2H weapon and a shield, nor are there provisions for explicitly spiked shields. The only way to deal damage with a shield is to take the Tavern Brawler feat and use it as an improvised weapon, but that's decidedly sub-optimal (you can't dual wield it since it lacks the light property).

The closest match to the maneuver system from ToB is the Battlemaster fighter.

My recommendation:
Half orc, prioritizing STR and CON but not dumping DEX (so you can use a bow).
Dueling fighting style (+2 damage with one-handed weapons if the other hand is empty)
At level 4, take the Shield Master feat (so you can mimic the bash attack, despite it dealing no damage).