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... in part I want to agree with the notion that you shouldn't be able to use living opponents as improvised weapons, but technically you can use a creature's body as an improvised weapon RAW.

You can go by a strict rules as written interpretation that if you are using a creature as a weapon it must be both dead and a goblin, but I'd think in the spirit of the rules, this line in the book does open the door to using any creature as a weapon assuming you're able to lift and swing it around

Spoiler: Image for context

And if you can swing it, throwing it should also be possible.
The criteria that is important is "object", which is why it's specified as a dead Goblin. Living Goblins are not objects, they are creatures. A living creature is not an object, a corpse is.

Improvised Weapons don't offer a whole lot of "realistic" feel. The criteria for them is just restrictive enough to prevent you from grappling a living creature and using them to bludgeon another creature but broad enough that an enlarged creature could swing or throw a tree, so long as they are able to lift it without exceeding their carrying capacity, with the same strength and accuracy as a gnome would throw a wooden chair leg.