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    Default Re: An Eclectic Collection of Fun and Effective Builds

    Quote Originally Posted by Skylivedk View Post
    Thank you, Ludic. This post and the thread about Out of Combat abilities for martials are my two favourite in a very long time.

    For my next character(s), I've been theory craft brewing a bit on one of the following off-kilter tanks and would like your take on what you find most playable.

    *snip builds*

    ... yeah, I know. AoA has stolen my heart. The damage potential of that spell is just crazy if you can mitigate the damage taken by the Temp HP.

    I'd love to see your take on the Nuclear Wizard and your favourite version of the Iron Scoundrel build.
    You sir are addicted to Armor of Agathys! It occurs to me that the Ancestral Barbarian posted above actually makes a pretty good teammate to an AoA build, since they grant Resistance and damage reduction to their allies (and unlike a typical AB isn't too uncomfortable backing up and letting someone else rotate in). AoA builds are always looking for resistance and damage reduction.

    Other good allies for an AoA build are Abjurers and Lore Bards. As nice as AoA setups are on their own, it's even better with party synergy

    So lemme take a look at these builds...

    For my next character(s), I've been theory craft brewing a bit on one of the following off-kilter tanks and would like your take on what you find most playable.
    3. The Never-Ending Ward
    Either the neo-classic Hexblade 2/3 (for infinite Mage Armour charges of the Arcane Ward) + Abjurer X

    OR, my variation:

    Svifnerblin Gnome
    Conquest Paladin 3
    Abjuration Wiz X
    The idea here being combining Smites with AoA with the sexiness of being a Wizard and the combined anti-magic might of abjuration wizards and gnomes. Extremely hard to get rid off, extremely hard to ignore. A bit too MAD for my taste, but could be fun.
    as starting stats. Second array for those who'd like Res:Con, 3rd for those who start above level 8.
    You want the Gnome Racial, Warcaster and/or RES:CON and Int. There's other possible cut off points at Conquest 4 and 6... even a case for 7 and 9.
    So for the Pal 3/Abjurer X, you don't actually have enough ASIs for the gnome racial, Warcaster, Res:Con, and Max Int. The build only gets 4 ASIs and the first one is delayed until level 7. I'm also unsure that the smites are worth the delay in casting progression. And as you said the build's quite MAD; besides your Channel Divinity you might struggle to hit with those smites.

    The Hexblade/Abjurer setup seems more promising to my first impression. It might be worthwhile to delay the second level of Hexblade until you get some good Wizard tools under your belt first though. Maybe after Wizard 5.

    2. The Tank of All Trades
    Hexblade 1
    Arcane Trickster 9
    Whisper/Lore Bard 10
    The idea here was for a tanking rogue (with Armour of Agathys + Uncanny Dodge) that has an extreme amounts of skills and expertise along with good saving throws (Wisdom Prof from Warlock, Res:Con + Evasion get you all major bases covered) plus some crazy control due to AT 9 + Bard spell list. Whisper deals out a bit more punishment whereas Lore further emphasises the skill monkeyness to absurd levels and adds cutting words (combos well with AT9 and is occasionally better for tanking than Uncanny Dodge).
    What's the intended combo for Cutting Words + AT 9 (Magical Ambush) here?

    Cutting Words activates "When a creature that you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a damage roll" and does not help against saving throws.

    Anyways, seems like it could work out. You max your Charisma by 9 and can pick up War Caster from Variant Human. You then put enemies in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation by standing next to them with AoA; they either attack you and have to go through Medium Armor / Shield / Uncanny Dodge / AoA, or walk away and eat a Booming Blade Sneak Attack. Nobody likes being hit by Booming Blade Sneak Attacks. And at higher levels, you'll be able to combine Magical Ambush with an accelerated spell progression from Bard, though that takes a while to come online.

    Personally I think I'd be more inclined towards the Whispers Bard since it'll help keep your melee attack relevant in this case. Cutting Words is competing with your already solid list of reactions, and you're already picking up a selection of low level spells off non-Bard lists (which is what the level 6 Magical Secrets would be doing for you).

    Edit Some quick Anydice calcs: https://anydice.com/program/15c8e
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