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    Default Re: Simple RAW for Pathfinder Thread VI: Return of the Red Die

    A 90 A bard using Versatile Performance has a total skill bonus equal to that of the replacing Perform skill, including any instruments. And I believe there's rarely (if ever) any need to worry about the fluff implications, since a bard usually does actually play their instrument when using Versatile Performance also in-game. Meaning they are typically replacing the normal skill use with an actual performance also fluff-wise. (Example: instead of using Diplomacy to convince the king to send his armies to the neighboring country's aid, the bard plays an old well-known song about great good deeds on his flute, moving the king to tears.)

    EDIT: If a bard doesn't play their instrument when using Versatile Performance, they will of course not get its Perform bonus. /EDIT
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